EasyCam for Mac

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  • In English
  • Version: 1.2

See live feeds of your home cameras on your phone

EasyCam supports up to 1200 different types of camera. If your camera has wireless or Internet connection capacity, then you may be able to access live feeds from your cameras over the Internet via this app.

Connect to a number of different cameras

EasyCam allows you to connect to cameras in your house via the Internet. The EasyCam GUI is very simple to the point of being just a small number of selected camera screens. For example, if you have four cameras hooked up to one hub in your house, then you may flip between the live feeds without having to go through menus of function features. It is also possible to connect to the cameras on some of your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices if you happened to leave them switched on when you left your house.

Find out if your camera connects before buying the app

EasyCam is a very simple and minimalist way to connect to your cameras at home remotely. The first problem is that getting a server to connect you is becoming more difficult. The biggest problem is that there is no guarantee that the app will connect with your specific camera. You need to do your research to find out if this app will connect with the type of camera you own, and make sure it connects with your version of the camera because newer versions of the same camera type may not connect with this app.


  • Keeps the live view process very simple
  • Connect to some Apple products to see through their cameras


  • Will not connect to desktop and laptop cameras
  • Getting it working is very hit and miss


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EasyCam 1.2 for Mac


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